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Horses & Hounds is proud to carry Blue Seal in Granby, Connecticut. Just like many of our customers, the Blue Seal® brand is deeply rooted in America. In 1868, Henry K. Webster started the company with one goal: to offer high-quality products made with the best nutritional ingredients. With this quality-first philosophy, the Blue Seal brand has built its reputation throughout the eastern U.S.


  • Sentinel Safe Start SS
  • Sentinel LifeTime LT
  • Dynasty Show 12/6 Pellet
  • Dynasty Pro 14/6 Pellet
  • Dynasty Grow 16/6 Pellet
  • Dynasty Show 12/8 Textured
  • Dynasty Pro 14/8 Textured
  • Dynasty XT Show 12-10


  • Home Fresh Starter – AMP
  • Home Fresh Multi-Flock Chick N Game Starter Grower
  • Home Fresh Multi-Flock Turkey N Game Starter
  • OrganicLife Starter Broiler
  • Backyard Basics Starter
  • Home Fresh Multi-Flock Starter Crumbles AMP


  • EnTrust Active Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe
  • Native Level 1
  • Native Level 2
  • Native Level 3
  • Native Level 4
  • Natural 26


  • Home Fresh Show Hutch Deluxe 17
  • Home Fresh Pro Hutch 16
  • Home Fresh Top Hutch 18
  • Rabbit 15
  • Bunny 16
  • Hutch Extra 17


  • EnTrust Adult Chicken Meal Recipe
  • Kat Krunchies


  • Colors ‘n Chorus Canary Diet
  • Colors ‘N Chorus Cockatiel Diet
  • Colors ‘n Chorus Finch Diet
  • Colors ‘n Chorus Parakeet Diet
  • Colors ‘N Chorus Parrot Diet

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