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At Horses & Hounds in Granby we agree with you that your stunning buddy in hooves should always be kept satisfied and healthy to make sure that you keep appreciating your rides on them. For that, your horse needs to be fed on a proper diet and nutrition, as well as being protected against diseases and infections. Our shop is well equipped with products that will help make sure that your horse not only looks healthy on the outside but inside as well. We equip a wide array of equine products from leading brands, ranging from supplements to drugs that your horse might need. What products do we have for you? Vitamins and Supplements- Pasture alone may not be enough to keep your horse healthy. Every so often, you will require to feed your equine on various supplements with the right nutrients, =depending upon your horse's demands, environment, and metabolism. At Horses & Hounds, we stock a variety of supplements in Products that are required for your equine's ideal health and productivity. Prescription Medications- At Horses & Hounds, we have you covered with all your veterinarian prescriptions, be it anti-inflammatory, antibiotic or other drugs for your equine's digestive tract, skin, hoof and leg, muscles and joints, eyes, and various other parts of the body, seeing to it your horse stays in leading efficiency kind. Vaccinations- We carry a thorough line of top quality vaccines that will provide your horse protection against numerous illness that equines are prone to. These are from trusted and dependable products. Dewormers- We supply horse deworming products that help secure your equine against inner parasites like pinworms, tapeworms, bloodworms, and roundworms that pose a risk to your equine's health. We will guide you in making the most effective dewormer choice depending upon your equine's age and the fecal egg count. Insecticides- We supply top quality insecticides to help protect your horses against lice, fleas, ticks, flies, gnats, and insects. You can pick from sprays, concentrates, or baits. Hoof care products- We equip a wide range of hoof treatment products that help in healthy hoof development, have protective and anti-bacterial qualities, as well as help, preserve hoof elasticity. Horses & Hounds is your regional expert in Granby and its surrounding neighborhoods when it concerns excellent products for your horse, look no further. Our customer service is exceptional and a employee is always on standby over organisation hours to help you and make your purchasing experience at Horses & Hounds enjoyable. For your orders and any kind of questions that you may have on any of the products that we stock, we are readily available on call throughout the regular business hrs on (860) 413-9880 or you can order online!


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