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Self-Service Dog Wash

Self-Service Dog Wash

The K9000 Dog Wash takes the hassle out of bathing your dog at home! Our Dog Wash keeps your dog bathing experience easy and enjoyable! It costs $20 to start the machine and put 15 minutes on the timer ($1 per minute if you need more time). The machine will accept bills of $10, $5, and $1 and/or credit cards. It DOES NOT give change back. Please note, we do not have an ATM machine or give cash back on debit transactions- please come with your change ready to go!

**The Dog Wash has its own heated room at the end of our porch; it is NOT inside our building. It is open 24/7! The door may stick sometimes but it is never locked! Please note, we can only answer questions about The Dog Wash during our normal business hours. **

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the Dog Wash open?

A: 24/7! Please note you may need to push hard on the door. We can only answer questions about the Dog Wash during business hours.

Is the water warm?

A: Yes! The temperature is controlled by the machine to stay consistent and is always warm.

Can I reserve the Dog Wash?

A: The Dog Wash is first come first serve, so we do not take reservations.

Is the disinfecting cycle included in my 15 minutes?

A: Yes, please disinfect the tub after your dog is clean. This is part of your 15 minutes. We also include a broom and waste basket for hair removal.

Do you provide towels?

A: No, the machine includes a blow dryer. We encourage you to bring your own towel for further drying.

Can I use a Horses and Hounds gift card to pay for the Dog Wash?

A: No, The machine accepts $10, $5, $1, and credit cards. It does not accept Horses and Hounds gift cards.

Below is a demo video on how to use the Dog Wash. Please note this video is from Australia and is not our exact K9000 unit.